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Master Chief Confirmed as Lead Character in Halo TV Series

More Master Chief is almost always a good thing.

by Jacob Bukacek


Last June, 343 Industries announced that they were working with Showtime, Amblin Television and Steven Spielberg to create a Halo TV series. Aside from announcing that production would begin in 2019 and citing the names of those attached to the project, few details were given regarding the nature of the show. That changed earlier today during Showtime’s panel at the TCA press tour.

When asked by GameSpot if the series would feature the Master Chief, Showtime network president David Nevins and president of programming Gary Levine confirmed that it would. What’s more, they stated that the legendary Spartan-II would in fact be one of the show’s lead characters.

Later, Levine also commented on the nature of the show. He stated that it will not be adapted from any existing Halo media, but will instead be a completely original story. He also mentioned wanting it to get under the thick Spartan armor, which could mean that the series will try to provide fans with compelling character drama in addition to the sci-fi battles Halo is known for.

As for whether or not this new Halo TV series will respect the established lore, it seems fans can rest easy. Levine had the following to say on the subject: “It is a new story but we are being incredibly respectful of the canon,” he said. “We are working with the Microsoft/343 people to make sure we don’t violate any of that.”

It’s taken years, but it looks like the long-rumored television series is finally going to happen. Hopefully, with so many competent people and 343 Industries actively involved  in the project, it’ll turn out to be the hit it deserves to be.

Via: GameSpot

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