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Mech Arena-Fighter Gundam Versus coming to the West this September

by Lewis White


Arcade, arena-fighter Gundam Versus will finally be heading to Western territories on September 29th, exclusively on PS4. Currently only available in Japan–and available to import with English subtitles–Gundam Versus is a much-beloved fighter in Japan with a hardcore fanbase.

Announced alongside games for Little Witch Academia and Seven Deadly Sins, Gundam Versus will feature 94 playable characters and 180+ assist characters in epic, flashy and hectic 2v2 or 3v3 battles hearkening back to the anime of old. Gundam Versus will be the first of the Versus spin-off series to arrive translated in the West, although Gundam Extreme Versus and Extreme Versus Full Boost were heavily imported on PS3 due to the PS3’s lack of region locking.

For those who’ve played previous Gundam Versus titles, this new installment in the series adds numerous key changes compared to prior games. Along with the series-standard Boost Dash and Boost Step, Versus introduces the Boost Dive move allowing players to boost straight-down at will. The series’ Burst system has been simplified compared to Extreme Versus, allowing players to enhance melee and ranged weaponry for themselves and their partners in the form of Blazing and Lightning Gears.

Gundam Versus will allow players from any region to play with each other, instead of segregating gamers into regional servers. Since the Gundam games do appear to have a very niche audience–hence their limited releases outside of Asia–it would make sense for Bandai to not attempt to limit multiplayer in any way.

Finally, the Western release of the game will include the Gundam Virtue and Nadleeh sets from the 2007 anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 for those who pre-order. This DLC was originally post-release content for Japanese gamers, but Westerners will have the opportunity to get it for free.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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