Fans Recreated the Mega Man Battle Network Power Plant Map

Discover how the legacy of Battle Network's dedicated fanbase is helping new players enjoy the Legacy Collection!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Capcom

Fans of Megaman Battle Network have been able to treat themselves with the recently-released Legacy Collection. The re-releases within are faithful to the originals, but this faithfulness extends to certain poorly-designed areas leaving players scratching their heads. This is especially the case with the Power Plant, with fans quite literally left in the dark as to which paths they’re able to take. These fans don’t have to worry, though, because dedicated Battle Network players have recreated the entire map of the PowerPlant computer area.

At Dr. Cossack’s Lab from the fan-made Mega Man PC Website, players are able to view maps for every single location in the original Battle Network title. These maps were created a while ago for the GBA release, but the Legacy Collection retains these layouts without any changes. Despite the website’s age, fans on Reddit and other websites are rediscovering this piece of history, stating that it’s helping them across some of the toughest parts of the first Battle Network.

This applies to the controversial PowerPlant areas, with the first, second, third, and fourth areas all having their invisible paths shown. Fans can also check out the necessary layouts for each battery puzzle solution, with color-coded batteries to make the journey even more simple. To top it all off, the maps share locations of mystery data, Mr. Progs, and the boss battles players will face.

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Using a map for the Battle Network PowerPlant areas can be especially helpful as the area has a gimmick during the main story. The longer you move MegaMan, the more your PET’s battery will drain. Wasting time with aimless movement can cause some immense trouble, so it’s easy to see why players are looking back on these fan-created maps. It just goes to show how a dedicated fanbase can allow the oldest games to find new life, even in the hands of players completely unfamiliar with these retro titles.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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