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Microsoft CEO says there are no plans to spin-off Xbox business


The possibility of Microsoft spinning off the Xbox business has been a topic of conversation as of late. While Bill Gates voiced his thoughts on the matter just weeks ago, today Satya Nadella revealed that he has no intent to do anything other than what the company is currently doing with the Xbox.

Speaking at the Re/Code conference, Nadella was quoted as saying “I have no intent to do anything with Xbox other than what we’re doing today,” implying that the CEO has no intention in spinning out the business.

Earlier this month, Bill Gates said that he would approve a spin-off of the Xbox business, but didn’t forsee Nadella making that move. I guess today we have confirmation that Microsoft is staying committed to the Xbox brand and Xbox One going forward.

Both Sony and Microsoft have come under scrutiny by investors regarding their video game businesses, with calls for the company’s to spin-off the divisions into their own companies. From the looks of it, neither company is looking to do this, as both have plans that include their video game consoles at or near the core of their long term goals.

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