Microsoft Kinect will be sold out at Christmas

by Bill Hess

Are you looking to get a Kinect for Christmas?  Perhaps you have a small child that wants one?  Well it’s time to start panicking. Or you can just do what everyother red blooded American does this time of year, and get ready to trample your countrymen at the annual fisticuffs known as Black Friday.

At  Web 2.0 Summit, Don Mattrick, The Interactive Entertainment Business President for Microsoft revealed that it may be harder than you think to get one this holiday season.  With many retailers already sold out of the item, Mattrick stated that anyone looking to get this hot holiday item should do so soon, and by soon, he means now.  “by the end of this week”

Which means that it is expected that after the Black Friday sales event, Kinect may be even scarcer than it is now.

Why is it that manufacturers can never keep up with demand for products like the Kinect.  You have to think that they have some kind of idea whether the product is going to be a hit or not.  While the rule of manufacturing is to try and make as many units as you can sell, it sounds like Microsoft is selling tons of these things.

Perhaps they’re taking a page from Nintendo’s book and inflating the demand by limiting the supply, who knows.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2021