Microsoft reveals the Xbox One

William Schwartz on


A dedicated event is going on right now on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.  Moments ago, as expected, Microsoft announced the next-generation Xbox.  The box that has been called many things over the past few months, has officially been named by Microsoft, simply as,  “Xbox One”.

Microsoft’s next generation future is one that company says will be focused on many aspects of entertainment.   It appears that Microsoft will continue into the direction that they’ve been travelling with the Xbox 360, and continue to focus on not only games, but the delivery of all types of digital entertainment.    Xbox executive Don Mattrick says the Xbox is designed to light up an all-new generation of entertainment, that is “simple, instant, and complete.”

Details on the new console are currently developing.  The live-stream is taking place right now, you can catch Xbox Event Stream here.