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Minecraft: PS Vita Edition “Finishing Up”, Update for PS3 to PS4 Save Transfers Ready

by Kyle Hanson


The current-gen versions are out, but there is still one more new release in store for Minecraft. Developer 4J Studios has announced that they are almost done with Minecraft: PS Vita Edition. In a tweet they said”For all asking, we’re finishing up on #MinecraftPSVita now” before discussing an update that is coming for Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition that will assist with save transfers over to PS4. They went on to say that after both of these projects are finished they will begin tackling the bugs that users are finding in the PS4 and Xbox One versions which were released last week.

We’re finishing up on Minecraft: PS Vita Edition now, and we’ve handed over the small “Save Transfer” update for PS3

The PS Vita version of Minecraft has been highly anticipated due to its unique nature. Minecraft: PS Vita Edition will be the first mobile release of the game that is based on the full console release. All others, such as those on iOS and Android are based on a special version made for mobile devices. This means that they lack many of the features found in the console and PC releases.

With4J Studios “finishing up” the game now we should see a release fairly soon if all goes well. Once they are done with developing the game they will hand it over to Sony for final tests. This was an issue for the PS4 release as it had to go through the process twice due to an issue. The US release was then delayed by one day as it ran into unforeseen last minute problems. Finally, the game was released last week though, allowing 4J to begin focusing on the PS Vita version.

Minecraft: PS Vita Edition is compatible with cross-buy on PS3. So if you own the PS3 version of the game you will be able to download and play on PS Vita as well. This is not true for the PS4 version though.

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