Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta 0.11 Now Available

by AOTF Staff

Mojang has just released a brand new version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Beta 0.11.0.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta 0.11.0 is an early version of the next update that Mojang has been working on for the Android version of the game series. The team who have “been hard at work these last few months” have now released the beta, which is available for all users who purchased the game on the Google Play Store.

Version 0.11.0 adds a whole range of content to the game, most of which is already available on other platforms. Squids, Cave spiders and baby zombies are just a few mobs that are being added in the update, bringing the diversity of mobs in the Pocket Edition much closer to other formats. A lot of bugs are also being fixed including; breakable bedrock in survival mode, game crashes when saving worlds and certain types of wooden stair blocks not burning when set on fire.

To try the beta version of the next update all you need is to have an Android device capable of running Minecraft: Pocket Edition and to have purchased it from the Google Play Store. If you tick both of these boxes simply join the Google+ community and opt into the Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta. To go back to playing on the 0.10 version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition leave the Google+ group, then your game should then automatically revert back to version 0.10.