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Minecraft: PS Vita Edition Still in Development, Updates Coming for PS4 and Xbox One

by Kyle Hanson


It has been almost a week since developer 4J Studios said that they were “finishing up” work on Minecraft: PS Vita Edition. However, the game still has not been handed over to Sony for its final certification according to a tweet sent out today. Apparently the team still has to sort out a few bugs, which has always been a problem for the Minecraft games due to choices made when development first began. While this is obviously disappointing news it is good to hear that Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang and Minecraft along with it has not halted development in any way.

We’re still bug fixing Minecraft: PS Vita Edition. We’ll let you know when we hand it over to Sony.

The tweet reads “We’re still bug fixing Minecraft: PS Vita Edition. We’ll let you know when we hand it over to Sony.” Once the game has been sent to Sony they will perform their usual final checks to make sure it fits their release criteria. This has caused delays in the past, but hopefully the PS Vita version can make it through without further trouble.

4J Studios sent out a few more tweets in regards to the console versions of Minecraft around the same time. They explained that updates would be hitting for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and PS4 Edition soon to clear up save game transfer issues. That update should hit PS3 tomorrow, with a release on Xbox planned later. Then once they release the game for PS Vita they will focus on more pressing bugs that have been discovered since players got their hands on the games. A smaller update for Xbox One is out now that addresses stats issues and a world generation bug.

Fans have been waiting a while for Minecraft: PS Vita Edition to hit, but it looks like their patience will pay off soon. Keep an eye here for updates as the game gets closer to release.

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