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Minecraft: PS Vita Edition US Release Date Announced

by Kyle Hanson


Minecraft: PS Vita Edition will be released on Tuesday, October 14th on the Playstation Store. A physical retail release will follow on November 11th. The wait for this release has been grueling, with news trickling out that the game was in final test long ago. It seems like there were some minor hold ups in the process, but finally we have the official release date for the US and for Europe.

Minecraft: PS Vita Edition will cost $19.99 when it is released and will feature “the portability benefits of PS Vita and its dual analog control system, you can now transfer your existing Minecraft PS3 Edition save to and from the PS Vita Edition, and continue to build, explore, and conquer anytime, anywhere. When you’re done, simply transfer your save to the PS4 Edition for the ultimate Minecraft experience!”

The cross-buy feature will allow you to download Minecraft: PS Vita Edition if you already own the PS3 version. Likewise, if you buy the game on Vita, then you will also receive the PS3 version for free. This can combine with the previous upgrade offer allowing you to get Minecraft on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 for around $25. To do any of the above simply follow the directions below:

About to purchase PS Vita Edition (PS Store) from 10/14

  • On your PS3 or PS Vita, purchase Minecraft PS Vita Edition for $19.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to download the PS3 Edition for free and upgrade to PS4 Edition for $4.99.

About to purchase PS Vita Edition (Retail) from 11/11

  • On your PS3 or PS Vita, enter the pack-in voucher code through PS Store and you’ll be able to download the PS Vita and PS3 Editions digitally, and upgrade to the PS4 Edition for $4.99.

Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

  • On your PS3 or PS Vita, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS Vita Edition and you’ll be able to download it for free.

Existing PS4 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

  • Only the PS3 and PS Vita Editions are eligible for the cross-buy offer.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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