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Minecraft being turned into free to play game, says Notch


Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of the popular game Minecraft, apparently has a hate for free to play games, and doesn’t want to see Minecraft go down this road. The game which has been in the news a lot as of late due to Mojang cracking down on Minecraft servers who give users rewards for donations.

“Servers selling (“rewards for donations” is selling) items are turning the game into a F2P game. I absolutely HATE F2P, with a passion,” says Notch.

Some Minecraft servers have been allowing players to pay for perks, contrary to what the Minecraft EULA dictates. With Minecraft’s surge in popularity over the last few years, people have been capitalizing on owning Minecraft servers, while paying for what can often times add up to huge server costs.

Persson and co. are in the process of stomping out Minecraft servers where you can donate/buy perks for the game. Many believe that this new push to enforce these terms of use now, are in response to Minecraft’s release of Minecraft Realms. In Minecraft Realms, Mojang hosts servers which players can rent and manage.

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