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Monster Hunter: World’s Astera Fest Marathon Starts Today

Five weeks of back-to-back Astera Fests.

by Jelani James


With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne a little over a month away, Capcom is giving new players a chance to hit the ground running and old players a chance to wrap up any unfinished business with an Astera Fest marathon starting today.

For those unfamiliar, Astera Fests are seasonal events in World, where players can get a wide variety of special bonuses and access to limited content as they play. For example, players can get special Layered Armor sets (cosmetic armor to wear over your actual armor), access collaboration quests (Horizon Zero Dawn, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry) and fight Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons (enhanced versions of the game’s end-game monsters, such as Kirin).

There have been five different types of Astera Fests since the game debuted in Jan. 2018, and now players will be able to enjoy them all back-to-back over the next five weeks instead of waiting the usual couple months.

Here is the full schedule:

  • Spring Blossom: July 26 – Aug. 2
  • Summer Twilight: Aug. 2 – Aug. 9
  • Autumn Harvest: Aug. 9 – Aug. 16
  • Winter Start: Aug. 16 – Aug. 23
  • Appreciation: Aug. 23 – Aug. 29

If there was any time to start playing Monster Hunter: World (or come back to it), then now would be the time. Between all the limited content and login bonuses, there is something that will be worth playing for during this five-week period.

It’s also worth remembering that Capcom is giving away a variety of special items — including the equally useful and elusive Attack Jewel — during this period for recently surpassing 13 million in terms of shipments and digital downloads, so be sure to login at least once.

Every single reward and bonus will go a long way towards making Iceborne a warmer experience when it arrives in early September. Between the new monsters, subspecies and difficulty rank, you’ll need every advantage you can get.

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