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Monster Hunter: World Has Reached Yet Another Milestone

Capcom is giving away some items to celebrate.

by Jelani James


With Iceborne a little under two months away, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World has reached yet another milestone, this time surpassing 13 million in terms of shipments and digital downloads.

To celebrate the occasion, Capcom is giving away a special item pack between July 25 and Aug. 29 consisting of the following:

  • x1 Attack Jewel
  • x13 Appreciation Ticket
  • x13 Silver Egg
  • x3 Gold Wyverian Print
  • x3 Heavy Armor Sphere

All of these are welcome gifts, especially the Attack Jewel. They are as useful as they are rare, with many spending well over 100 hours trying to get even one. Being able to get one for free, especially for new players when Iceborne is on the horizon, is huge.

In any event, this is just the latest in a long series of milestones for a game that has completely defied expectations.

Initially viewed as niche game in western regions, Capcom managed to create a genuine Monster Hunter experience that appealed to a new audience while still keeping the core of the series intact for longtime fans. And since its release, World has consistently proven that it is made of the right stuff, regularly reaching milestones and record sales, becoming the biggest launch on Steam in 2018, and earning the distinction of becoming the developer’s highest-selling title in history.

Monster Hunter: World not showing any signs of slowing down, and if Iceborne receives similar updates to that of the base version — on top of the new stuff we’ve already seen — it probably won’t anytime soon.

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