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Naughty Dog Replaces Uncharted 4’s Season Pass Triple Pack With The Explorer Pack

by Mike Guarino


Naughty Dog has announced that they will be switching up their DLC plans for Uncharted 4, replacing the game’s original Triple Pack DLC with a new Explorer Pack DLC. They claim that this will allow gamers more of a say when it

In an update on the PlayStation Blog, the developer said the following:

“In keeping with the multiplayer DLC philosophy that we set out ahead of launch, all DLC will be available for free. We will continue to hand-pick content to be included in the Triple Pack for those that have already purchased it or those who continue to purchase the Digital Deluxe version. However, starting today we’ll be replacing the Triple Pack with the Explorer Pack – which provides players with even greater choice on which items they prefer to own.” This includes the upcoming story DLC and 3,200 Uncharted Points, which are a form of in-game currency.

Both of the Triple Pack and Explorer Pack cost $19.99, though the main difference is that buyers of the Explorer pack will be able to pick and choose which items they want. All of the DLC items can be acquired with the in-game currency, and the DLC maps will be available to everyone for free as soon as they are released.

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