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New Thief Game And Movie Appear To Be Coming

by Dean James


The Thief series has been going on for nearly two decades now, though many may not know of it outside of the 2014 release that was simply titled Thief. Now owned by Square Enix, the property has been very quiet since that release that received merely okay reviews, but it sounds like there may be some hope on the horizon for fans of the franchise.

As found by GameInformer, production company Straight Up Films now has a listing for a Thief movie on their website. Straight Up Films is not a major production company when compared to many others, but it has put out a number of movies, including the 2014 film Transcendence that starred Johnny Depp.

Not only does the site have a simple listing for this supposed Thief movie, but a good bit of details as well, which state:

“Thief is an action epic poised to be the next great multi-platform franchise.

Originally released in 1998 by Eidos Interactive (Deus Ex) and distributed by Square Enix (Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy), the Thief series has spanned over fifteen years and four sequels continually retaining loyal audiences and attracting new fans with each iteration. Widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever created, a fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with this motion picture adaptation.

Steeped in the steam-punk world created by the video game, the film will tell a new chapter in the storied world of the series’ hero.”

Besides the movie coming, what is very interesting in that blurb is that it states a new game is coming as well. Technically, it does state fifth sequel, but that is just bad wording on their part there.

It would make a lot of sense to put out a new game if they are working on a movie, but this could also be something as simple as a mobile game as well. With the success of the Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go games, it could just be something like that to help promote the movie. Hopefully this is not the case and we’ll get a full fledged console game as well that you would think would be announced in the near future after this potential reveal.

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