Attack of the Fanboy

New update brings merchants together in Guild Wars 2

by William Schwartz


In the future we will receive bi-weekly updates for Guild Wars 2. Next week Tuesday we will receive Bazaar of the Four Winds. Merchants from every corner of Tyria will gather to sell their wares. Ofcourse, this will go hand in hand with scum that most definitely will cause trouble. The mystical, flying Zephyr Sanctum will land, bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills to daring adventurers.

In the summary below you’ll find the new features and rewards that come with the new update for Guild Wars 2.


  • Belcher’s Bluff: a Omnomberry Juice drinking mini-game.
  • Sanctum Sprint: a race through an obstacle course.
  • Lessons from the Sky: a scavenger hunt which will lead you in search of Sky Crystals


  • Aspect Back Items: these are won in the Sanctum Spring race. They represent the Aspects of Wind, Sun and Lightning.
  • Personal Quartz Node: players that complete the update will have their own Quartz node at their disposal. Quartz is a new material introduced in this release which will make you able to craft new recipes.
  • Zephyr Sanctum Model: when you have the Lessons of the Sky achievement you’ll get a model of the Zephyr Sanctum.


  • New PvP Map: a high-tech Asurz lab packed with jump pads, shattering floor panels and a cannon. The map is called Skyhammer, you’ll have to battle for control over 3 capture points to obliterate the enemy with the cannon.
  • Account Achievement Reward System: unlock exclusive armor skins, weapon skins and permanent account bonuses with your account achievement points.
  • New and Improved Achievement Panel UI: a revamped user interface for the achievement panel.
  • World vs World Build and Repair Mastery: use Build Mastery to construct siege weapons more quickly, or you can put points into Repair Mastery to use Supply more efficiently for repairing walls and gates faster than before.


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