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New War Mode For PUBG is Live For Timed Event

Three day event offers experimental War Mode for PUBG with a different set of rules.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been mixing up the formula recently.  Earlier this month they released the Savage Map in closed testing and now the new War Mode has gone live for the game in another timed event.

From April 12th through April 15th, War Mode will be available in PUBG.  This Deathmatch style mode takes different aspects of Battle Royale and mixes them with more traditional Deathmatch mechanics that has three 10-person teams squaring off against each other, with respawns.

In War Mode players will be grouped into a 10-player team and then must parachute into the safe zone.  Unlike Battle Royale, the Safe Zone does not move throughout the course of the game.  Getting kills earns points for your team and the first team to 200 points wins the match.

How to Score Points in War Mode PUBG

3 points for a kill, 1 point for Down, 1 point for Revive, -5 points for Team Kill.

Players are also started with random loadouts.  They are guaranteed to start with One random Assault Rifle or DMR, one random pistol, a level one helmet, a level one vest, and one grenade.  Like Battle Royale, different guns and equipment can be found in buildings, but care packages drop into the map every 90 seconds.

You can check out the trailer for War Mode in PUBG below:

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