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New This Week in Video Games (10/16 – 10/22)

by Dean James


PlayStation VR was the big attraction last week, but October is kicking into high gear on the games side this week with a few big games.

Like many games are doing these days, Battlefield 1 is going with the whole early access for those that get a certain edition. While there are people that are able to play right now, the official release for the game will be coming this Friday.

Battlefield 1 was joined by games like Rock band 4 Rivals, Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, as well as a remaster and a port with Batman: Return to Arkham and LEGO Harry Potter Collection.

On top of the official release of Battlefield 1 on Friday, it is also joined by the PC exclusive Civilization VI as well.

Check out the full list of new releases below of what you can expect to be released the week of October 16th through October 22nd.


  • Skylanders Imaginators (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


  • Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition & Early Enlister Deluxe Edition (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • Rock Band 4 Rivals (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)
  • Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Batman: Return to Arkham (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)
  • LEGO Harry Potter Collection (PlayStation 4)
  • Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (PlayStation 4, PS Vita)
  • Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (PS Vita)
  • Incredible Adventues of Van Helsing II: Extended Edition (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Mordheim: City of the Damned (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • The Bug Butcher (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • HoPiKo (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (PlayStation 4/PSN, PC/Steam)
  • SportsBarVR (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Abrams Tank (PC/Steam)
  • Accounting (PC/Steam)
  • Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair (PC/Steam)
  • Crazy Machines 3 (PC/Steam)
  • Dawn of Warriors (PC/Steam)
  • Demolish & Build Company 2017 (PC/Steam)
  • Eagle Flight (PC)
  • Galaxy of Trian (PC/Steam)
  • Krampus (PC/Steam)
  • Lance A Lot (PC/Steam)
  • PIRATADO 1 (PC/Steam)
  • Rogues or Heroes (PC/Steam)
  • Soulless: Ray of Hope (PC/Steam)
  • The Whisperer in Darkness (PC/Steam)


  • HoPiKo (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • The Bug Butcher (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • A Quiver of Crows (PC/Steam)
  • AdventureQuest 3D (PC/Steam)
  • Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles (PC/Steam)
  • Bad Caterpillar (PC/Steam)
  • Rogue Singularity (PC/Steam)
  • Runeyana (PC/Steam)
  • Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan (PC/Steam)
  • Ships 2017 (PC/Steam)
  • The Golf Club VR (PC/Steam)
  • True Fear: Forsaken Souls (PC/Steam)
  • Unruly Ghouls (PC/Steam)
  • Vision Runner (PC/Steam)
  • Wild Romance (PC/Steam)


  • Pixel Gear (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Pirate Pop Plus (Wii U/eShop, 3DS/eShop)
  • Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Wii U/eShop)
  • Retro Road Rumble (Wii U/eShop)
  • Steamworld Heist (Wii U/eShop)
  • Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself (Wii U/eShop)
  • Fairune 2 (3DS/eShop)
  • Batallion Commander (PS Vita/PSN)
  • The Keeper of 4 Elements (PS Vita/PSN)
  • Astral Heroes (PC/Steam)
  • Green Ranch (PC/Steam)
  • Killing Room (PC/Steam)
  • Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) (PC/Steam)
  • Neglilee (PC/Steam)
  • Redrum: Dead Diary (PC/Steam)
  • Robot Squad Simulator 2017 (PC/Steam)
  • Rusty Lake: Roots (PC/Steam)
  • Starfighter Arduxim (PC/Steam)


  • Battlefield 1 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (PC/Steam)
  • Horse Racing 2016 (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Shooting Range By Thornbury Software (Wii U/eShop)
  • 12 orbits (PC/Steam)
  • Awkward Dimensions Redux (PC/Steam)
  • Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena (PC/Steam)
  • Fine China (PC/Steam)
  • Grav Lab: Gravitational Testing Facility and Observations (PC/Steam)
  • On the front line (PC/Steam)
  • Pumpkin SculptrVR (PC/Steam)
  • Secrets of Magic: The Book of Spells (PC/Steam)
  • Unearthing Colossal (PC/Steam)
  • Violet Haunted (PC/Steam)
  • WAR7 (PC/Steam)

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