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Nicholas Hamilton Involved With Project Cars 2 Development

by Damian Seeto


Slightly Mad Studios has announced that Nicholas Hamilton will help with the development for Project Cars 2.

Hamilton will serves as the game’s “Handling Consultant”. He will be assisting the developers giving them feedback on car handling, plus sharing his expert knowledge of the racing world.

Slightly Mad Studios sought Hamilton’s help for Project Cars 2 to ensure the game is as realistic as possible. He was also involved with the first game and hopes to continue making the sequel a better experience for racing fans.

Hamilton actually joined Slightly Mad Studios back in 2012 and described it as a “dream come true“. He loved the experience of working on the first game so much that he was delighted to be asked to work on Project Cars 2.

Project Cars 2 was announced a month after the first game came out. Much like the first game, Slightly Mad Studios are asking fans to help fund the game’s development again.

The studio have big plans for the sequel and would want enough funds to make their dream come true. They plan to have the biggest list of tracks available in a racing game plus over 200 cars.

Project Cars 2 is expected to be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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