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Nintendo Apologizes for Switch Shortages and Promises More Shipments Soon

by Kyle Hanson


It’s been a while since Nintendo had to deal with shortages of their main home console. Not since the Wii have we seen so much of a frenzy surrounding the launch of a new Nintendo console. The Nintendo Switch is perpetually sold out across the US and around the world. Today the over 100 year old Japanese company has issued an apology for the shortages and promised more shipments will arrive soon.

In the post, which has been translated from Japanese, Nintendo profusely apologizes about the stock issues that the Switch has had to go through. This was aimed at both retailers, who’ve had to fend off crazed customers, and the customers themselves, who have likely started to develop routines of calling local stores asking about new stock.

As far as rectifying the situation, they promise more Nintendo Switch consoles will arrive over the coming weeks and months. July and August are singled out as receiving increased shipments, including of the Splatoon 2 bundle.

Nintendo is no stranger to stock issues of their products, though the Wii U never really hit sell out numbers across its life span. Amiibo specifically have been tough to find at various times, but with added production cycles the issues have mostly been worked out. Hopefully the Switch will also see its problems worked out soon.

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