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Nintendo of Europe Cuts Lots Of Employees

by Damian Seeto


Some sad news has come in that Nintendo of Europe has had to let go a large percentage of its staff this week.

130 people from Nintendo of Europe worked for the company full time. An additional 190 worked for them via a leasing agency. Either way, 320 employees have sadly lost their jobs this week which is always sad news to hear.

Nintendo of Europe confirmed the grim news to Kotaku and released a huge statement explaining the situation. Most of the employees were responsible for localization and testing activities. To increase “flexibility and cost efficiency” these jobs will now be outsourced.

By the end of August 2014, 320 people that used to work for Nintendo of Europe will be out of a job. This is very sad news considering Nintendo has tried to avoid this type of thing in the past. However, business is business and even large companies have to make cutbacks if they’re not earning enough money in the long-term.

The news didn’t state where the localization and testing jobs Nintendo of Europe used to have will end up. It just stated they will be “outsourced”. The statement just said these duties will now be handled by “third party companies”.

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