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Nintendo will support third-party digital downloads

by William Schwartz


Nintendo has plans to step into the digital era in a big way in the coming year.  The company announced that it will be distributing its debut first party title with its Super Mario Bros. 2 due out this summer on the 3DS.  This seems to be a jumping off point for Nintendo, and a primer of things to come, assuming all goes well.  The company has already announced that when the Wii U arrives, consumers will have choices when it comes to how they want to consumer Nintendo products, but they’ve also reassured that they’ll be working with third party publishers to include their titles on the digital download service as well.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, considering that Nintendo has made it explicitly clear that they’ll be “significantly expanding their digital business.”  Just how this content distribution will work is still anyone’s guess, but Nintendo has said the content will be purchasable on the eShop and through traditional retailers to be redeemed on the console.  Who’s going to be participating in this digital distribution on the console will likely be announced at E3 next month.

Nintendo’s Wii U is still set to release later this year.

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