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Nintendo Switch Battery Life Could Be an Issue For New Console

by William Schwartz


The Nintendo Switch, the upcoming console from Nintendo due to release next year is certainly on many gamer’s wishlists for the new year, but a recently published FCC report suggests that one feature may limit the device when it comes to battery life.

The battery which powers the device will not be removable, meaning that owners of the console won’t be able to upgrade the console for better battery life.  This new information comes from an FCC report which you can read here.  The report says that “The Battery is had built-in in the EUT, and the user can’t remove the battery.”  The FCC testing is done on a production prototype, but the report does say that the sample is equivalent to mass-produced items.

With the Nintendo Switch being a portable device, this could prove to be a problem for those that would like to use the device for extended periods of time while on the go.  However, there have been numerous reports of charging and storage options being used to make the battery life as long as possible.

Nintendo ran into similar issues with the Wii U and its gamepad device.  In the case of that console, users could purchase upgradeable batteries, open up the gamepad, and install a replacement or higher capacity battery to combat the problem.

We’ll have to wait and see what this ultimately means for the Nintendo Switch.  Maybe it means that Nintendo has figured out a battery solution for the Switch that doesn’t require users open their machines to get the most out of the device.  Then again, it also means that whatever Nintendo has deemed the optimal battery life for the Switch is what end-users are stuck with, without an upgrade path.

Nintendo is set to reveal more about the console next month.  It’s expected that more features, price, and launch line-up details will be revealed on January 12th.  This presentation will be live-streamed next month.  As for the first time that fans can go hands-on with Nintendo’s new console.  The company will be doing a North American tour where select cities will be hosting Switch demo events that are both open to the public and by invitation only.

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