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Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Is Coming This Week To Focus On Indie Games

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch is almost upon us and while the technology itself is very important, what will truly make or break the system will be the games. We’ve talked in length about how the launch lineup for the system is pretty lackluster, though there is some potential with other games announced this year. There also looks to be a solid slate of indie games coming for the system, which we will be getting a glimpse at this coming week.

Nintendo has used the fitting title of Nindies to call their array of indie games coming to their platforms and Nintendo is looking to continue that into the Nintendo Switch generation.

As announced by the official Nintendo of America Twitter, there will be a special “Nindies Showcase” coming up this week just ahead of the launch of the Switch.

“A special Nindies Showcase video presentation is arriving on 2/28, @ 9AM PT. Discover great indie games coming to !”

We had expected Nintendo to give some sort of Direct before the launch of the Nintendo Switch that would give us details on the system UI, details about the Virtual Console, and more. However, Nintendo instead decided to gradually release that information through other sources over the last few weeks.

Instead, it looks like the only presentation we’re going to get straight from Nintendo is this Nindies Showcase. There are already a number of different indie games announced for the Switch, including ones like Shovel Knight that are coming at launch. While we know some of the games that are almost locks for the presentation, we are also hoping for some surprises, whether they be games that we didn’t know were getting a Switch port or are new games exclusive to the Nintendo Switch from indie developers.

Make sure to tune in for the video presentation this coming Tuesday, and don’t miss the launch of the Nintendo Switch this Friday, March 3.

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