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Nintendo Wii U rumored for release at $299

| May 11, 2012

Nintendo Wii U rumored for release at $299 News Nintendo Rumors  Nintendo Wii U

A GlobalTestMarket survey has apparently leaked the introductory price point for Nintendo’s Wii U.  The survey asks consumers “How likely are you to purchase Wii U if it cost $299”, giving survey takers seven options ranging from 1 (Not at all likely) to 7 (Extremely likely).

These aren’t the first rumblings of a Wii U that costs $299.  Back in February, Wii U Daily said inside sources had revealed the system price at $299 as well.

We won’t likely be hearing about the Wii U’s price anytime soon from Nintendo.  The company has said it will not be talking price at this year’s E3 during a recent investor briefing, following Nintendo’s recent earnings announcement.  If the Wii U follows the same path as the 3DS, we’ll see more of the Wii U’s capabilities, more specific launch plans, and a variety of games for the next generation console.

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    If I believed in god I’d calk Nintendo the Antichrist

    • Victor

      What? Why? Either Apple or Sony really deserves that title out of all the tech companies..

  • Jimmer

    The Acacia Strain?

  • Ben Fiske

    Im hoping for $399 or even $499 myself. 

    • Nygmk

      I agree, if it means that Nintendo went all out and cut no corners i too would pay as much.

      • Ben Fiske

         Yeah exactly, ill pay that much if it means it will be very competitive even in 3-5 years. I don’t doubt the system will still be impressive and competitive at 299 but in 3-5 years it might not age as well.

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