Notorious Final Fantasy XIII Director Preparing To Reveal Next Project

by AOTF Staff

Motomu Toriyama has a storied history with the Final Fantasy franchise. He has served as director on Final Fantasy X-2, event planner on Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII as well as scenario planner on Final Fantasy X. His most recent work is that of being the director of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. With that in mind, he now prepares to reveal his next Square-Enix project to fans around the world.

A lot of news has been trickling out regarding upcoming Square-Enix titles, just the other day ‘SaGa Asterism’ was trademarked in Japan. Now comes word from the recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation that Toriyama is preparing to reveal a new title. His exact words in the interview were: “We’re currently preparing to reveal a brand new title”. The new title is likely not going to have any relation to Final Fantasy as that it currently has 3 games in development (Type-0, XIV content, and XV). In the past Toriyama has worked on non-Final Fantasy titles such as Front Mission and 3rd Birthday.

It is completely possible that his title is tied to the recent ‘SaGa’ filing given that it is an RPG and the original titles in the franchise were non-linear Final Fantasy themed titles, it is very likely that he opted to create a new SaGa for next-gen. Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Japanese developers sure are keeping busy these days.