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Old-School RPG Aeon of Sands Launches Today

Going to the future by way of the past.

by Jacob Bukacek

A new graduate from the old school of RPGs comes to PC and Mac today. This isn’t the same school that the likes of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger went to though. No, Aeon of Sands’ classmates would have included Eye of the Beholder and Might & Magic 3. However, Aeon of Sands differs in one key area: it’s story.

The game follows Setrani, a lazy but well-meaning good for nothing who is suddenly cast out into the desert and left to fend for himself. What happens from there is up to the player. That’s right, Aeon of Sands is a choose your own adventure game cast in the mold of a classic dungeon crawler. It’s up to the player to choose who joins Setrani on their journey, who will become their enemy, and where they can go in the seemingly endless desert.

Aeon of Sands features multiple endings, a completely hand-drawn 2.5D world, real-time party combat, and around 6o mazes for players to explore. As they explore the world players will have to figure out everything from who they can trust to whether or not using magic is worth the risk. As far as Setrani is concerned the desert is out to get them, and they might just be right, even hilariously so.

Aeon of Sands is available now on Steam for PC and Mac.

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