Outlast II Gameplay Video Shows off 4 Minutes of Horror

by AOTF Staff

Developer Red Barrels, who are behind the much anticipated horror sequel, Outlast II, have shown off a new gameplay video that features four minutes of what fans can expect in the new sequel.

Details have been trickling out about the title slowly, but a new setting and definitive plot details have now been revealed by the studio. The original Outlast, released back in September of 2013, where it eventually transitioned to consoles and quickly became a success.

Shown off at PAX East 2016, the new demo from IGN, has players as one of two investigative journalists snooping around a suspicious town located in southwest America. The character is again equipped with a video camera that doubles as your flashlight, leaving the player completely defenseless as they wander through the cornfield. The demo also showed off the familiar mechanic such as hiding from enemies underwater, and searching for batteries.

I was in love with the first game, and considered it a revival of sorts for the survival-horror genre that was beginning to decay near the end of the last generation of consoles. Expect Red Barrels to again defy expectations and horrify us all.

The game was first announced back in October of 2015, and the developer has plans to release Outlast II on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this fall.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018