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Over 300 New Overwatch League Skins Available Now In-Game

by William Schwartz


The Overwatch League is getting ready to kick off on January 11th, and today Blizzard has released skins that can be purchased to support the teams.  Overwatch fans have kind of gotten what they’ve been asking for with the release of these team skins, but it’s a double edged sword that has some fans saying that the prices are too high.

On one hand, Overwatch players have the ability to purchase the skins that they want to support their teams and not be impeded by the RNG of a lootbox.  On the other, many are saying that $5 per skin is a little on the steep side and that the skins are merely color palette updates.

Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the skins do show support for the respective Overwatch teams and Blizzard is allowing you to show your allegiance by allowing you to select one skin by granting you tokens to purchase your first one in-game.  By the numbers, the entire wardrobe of skins would cost upwards of $1000, though that would really be for the most obsessive collectors and doesn’t really seem to be the point of the whole thing as it’s to show support for the team that you root for.

At this point it’s also unclear what other plans Blizzard has up their sleeves with regards to earning tokens to purchase more skins and whether they’ll do giveaways for watching matches of Overwatch League, which many suspect.

Overwatch League will be watchable via Twitch, who has signed an exclusive deal with Blizzard to be the provider of coverage for the events.

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