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Overwatch Will Get More Seasonal Events In The Future

by Mike Guarino


Blizzard released a surprise new mode called Lucioball recently, which is part of the Summer Games 2016 update that puts a more athletic spin on all of the characters. While the new mode is a lot of fun, Blizzard claims that this is just the beginning of seasonal events that will be featured within the game.

Blizzard revealed in a press release that “This is our very first seasonal event in Overwatch, but there are more on the horizon. We’re not quite ready to reveal our plans, but you can expect to see more festive Loot Box items, maps, and modes in the future.”

Along with the new mode that this Summer Games 2016 update brings to the table, there are also new skins, sprays, emotes and more that will be available for a limited amount of time. All of the content can be unlocked via lootboxes, which are received via standard gameplay.

It’s hard not to play Lucioball and not immediately think of Rocket League, as you have a 3v3 match in an arena where you have to shoot a giant ball into a large goal zone. The main difference here is that there are no cars, as everyone must use Lucio and his abilities in order to get the ball away from the opposing team and into the goal zone.

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