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Phil Spencer Says Xbox Builds Plans For Their Customers, Not In Response To Competition

by Dean James


Sony just held their third annual PlayStation Experience a little over a week ago that allowed fans of the company to come and try out many of the upcoming PlayStation games. Many have been wondering if Xbox would try a major event of their own like this, but it sounds like if that happens, it won’t be because of PSX.

In a tweet to Phil Spencer, someone said that there was a lot of panic in the Xbox community as a result of PSX before moving on to asking what we can expect at E3, such as new IPs.

He responded in a tweet of his own where he focused more on the PSX part of the question in which he said:

“Looking forward to E3. We build our Xbox plans for Xbox customers, not in response to others. I think 2017 will be a good year.”

Xbox does already hold its own Xbox Fanfest, but that is a much smaller event that isn’t on the scale of a PSX. That was held last month in Mexico City with little fanfare compared to PSX, so it would definitely be nice to see them attempt something similar themselves.

One thing I do know though is that Xbox customers would certainly love a major event like this that could get them hyped for the next year of games. They obviously already have their E3 conference in June, but PSX serves at that great median between the two events.

Considering how fantastic the PSX keynote was this year, Xbox would definitely have to come out swinging to match it. However, if they could focus on games like they have done at E3 as of recent, along with some bombshells like the backwards compatibility announcement last year, we could be in for something special. With the Scorpio set to launch in late 2017 though, you have to wonder if we may get some sort of reveal event like we saw for the Xbox One back in 2013, which would be a nice gift before E3 2017.

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