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Plague Inc: Evolved infects Steam Early Access today

by William Schwartz


London-based developer Ndemic Creations has made their strategy-sim hybrid Plague Inc: Evolved available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Plague Inc: Evolved is not a PC port, but a fully redeveloped version of 2012’s wildly popular Plague Inc. for iOS and Android. Released back in 2012, the mobile strategy title allowed players to craft various diseases and set them loose upon them global population. Through use of upgrades and enhancements, players controlled the spread of their disease from patient zero to the last living person on Earth.

The mobile version of the game has been downloaded over 25 million times, according to the developer’s website.

With Plague Inc: Evolved, Ndemic has built on the features of the mobile version and added new elements like multiplayer, full 3D disease models and deeper data. Another new feature is the Scenario Creator, which provides the tools to design entirely new worlds and plague types. Players will be able to share their most morbid creations on the Steam Workshop.

“A lot of the other features are also very nearly ready to go,” said Ndemic founder James Vaughan. “But I want to make sure they’re perfect before sharing them with you and getting your feedback. If everything goes smoothly, it will be feature-complete and out of Early Access in a few months.”

Vaughan plans to do a Reddit AMA on February 26th at 10am PST.

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