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Planetside 2 Players Switching From PC to PS4 Will Get “Something in Return”


Planetside 2 has been present on PC since late 2012, but it is about to find another home on Sony’s new console in the coming months. The PlayStation 4 version is eagerly anticipated by many, and among those looking forward to the game’s console debut are bound to be a few current PC players. If you’ve enlisted in Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOFPS and have been battling it out for control over Auraxis for a while now on PC, Sony is looking to give something back if you decide to make the transition to the PS4 release.

During an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac made the following statement: “We are talking about doing some porting of the characters or something like that for the people who are already playing the game, but we don’t have any definitive details on that. But, we are definitely trying to make sure the PC players who want to play on PS4 get something in return”.

So, whether PC players simply get to keep their battle-hardened soldier that has been on the frontlines for over a year or they find some exclusive items attached to their account, something is certainly in the works. We’ll know more as we near Planetside 2’s PS4 release date, which is currently unknown but said to be coming within the next six months, according to Tramell.

- This article was updated on:July 24th, 2014

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