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PlayStation 4 in 2013

New rumors suggest that a new PlayStation is on the way.

by William Schwartz


Depending on who you ask, we are either a really long way away from the next generation of home gaming consoles, or mere months.  New rumors have surfaced that the PlayStation 4 could be coming sooner than anyone predicted, going against what even the CEO of the company has claimed publicly.  According to a report out of a “high level meeting” within Sony, you could expect that the PlayStation 4 be here within 18 months.  The report comes out of Bitmob, whose author claims to have spoken with someone that has attended a “high level meeting” at Sony.

Sony who has since issued their standard “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation” blanket statement, doesn’t give us much to go on as to whether or not this is true.

For now, I guess we can chalk this one up to unfounded rumors.  Both Microsoft and Sony have made it explicitly clear that they have no interest in pushing forward with a next generation anytime soon.  Though I suppose it would be a PR nightmare for them to tell the consuming public that their current console would be outdated in the near future. Sony has just recently dropped the price of the PS3, and reports of a sales boom have given new life to the company who has been downtrodden by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in recent months in North America.  Analysts have also predicted that Microsoft will respond with a price cut of their own in the coming months, or face being 1upped by the competition.

- This article was updated on:December 3rd, 2017

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