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Portal 2 Avatar Awards Revealed

by William Schwartz


If you purchase Portal 2 for the Xbox 360, Valve will be including avatar awards with the upcoming puzzle shooter.  The five avatar items will as usual, be unlocked by completing certain tasks throughout the game.  Three T-shirts, a hat, and a portal gun with companion cube are up for grabs.  Completing the Portal 2 Co-op campaign will net you the “Portal 2 shirt”.  You can earn the “Love Shirt” by hugging three friends in Portal 2 co-op.  The “Turret Shirt”  can be earned after completing the Test Chamber 10 in under 70 seconds.  The Portal 2 Hat can be earned from surviving the manual override.  And lastly, the grand daddy of the awards, a portal gun and companion cube avatar prop.

You can start earning your avatar awards on April  18th, 2011 when Portal 2 releases for the Xbox 360. Pics and video below.

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