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Will Portal 2 New Testing Features Arrive on PS3?

by William Schwartz


Valve has recently announced new content for Portal 2, which is due to arrive on Steam on May 8th.  Right now, PC players will be able to easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles with each other, by using a simplified puzzle maker that allows players to create new test chambers.

With the puzzle maker, Steam users will be able to publish maps directly to the Steam Workshop.  Utilzing those functionalities, the Portal 2 community will be able to browse, vote on, and play the new content. As PlayStation users already know, the PS3 version of Portal 2 came stock with functionality that was included to incorporate Steam tools into the game.  A first of its kind, and one that not only promised to link Steam and PS3 players, but one that should set PS3 players up for a better Portal 2 experience.

Valve’s recent announcement didn’t indicate that the PS3 version of the game would be getting these features, but fans are still holding out hope.  Valve went through a lot to bring their Steam service to the PlayStation 3, lets hope that they plan on proving why they did it in the first place.

Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative

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