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Portrayal of Cree Leader in Civilization VI Found to be Inaccurate and Offensive

by Dylan Siegler


Recently, it was announced that a new leader and civilization will be introduced in the Rise and Fall expansion of the strategy game Civilization VI; the Cree people and leader Poundmaker. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall portrays many different peoples and leaders, all of which can be used to achieve the game’s goal of conquering other nations. Since this announcement, however, Cree Nation headman Milton Tootoosis has come out in opposition to how his people and their historical leader Poundmaker are being portrayed in the game.

In speaking with CBC News, Tootoosis states, “It perpetuates this myth that First Nations had similar values that the colonial culture has, and that is one of conquering other peoples and accessing their land. That is totally not in concert with our traditional ways and world view.” According to Polygon, the real-life Chief Poundmaker condemned violence and offered peaceful negotiations with Canadian authorities, even as his own people suffered from starvation. Needless to say, using Poundmaker’s name and image in a game largely about conquering other peoples isn’t exactly the most accurate portrayal of the historical figure. Tootoosis plans to consult with his elders before contacting 2K Games, who did not have any kind of communication with the Cree people during development of the game. 2K Games has yet to comment on Tootoosis’ remarks.

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