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PS Plus Subscribers Quadruple Thanks To Release Of The PS4

by Damian Seeto


The number of PS Plus subscribers quadrupled thanks to the release of the PS4 last November.

As reported by DualShockers, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House talked more about PS Plus during the Investor Relations Day in Tokyo.

PS Plus subscribers multiplied by four with PS4 coming into the fray. Sony announced a few weeks ago that PS Plus subscribers are now at 7.9 million worldwide. This means only close to 2 million gamers had PS Plus before the release of the PS4. The big increase is understandable since PS4 online multiplayer gameplay requires a PS Plus subscription.

Sony also has plans to improve the service in the near future. They want to strengthen online gaming to increase the number of subscribers. They also want to provide a strong amount of free content too to entice new sign-ups.

On a related note, House also revealed the PS4’s popularity in other countries. He announced that Germany is now the number two European market for the PS4. It was announced earlier this year that over 1 million Germans bought the console. He said Germany is usually a strong PC market, but they have started to shift to consoles now.

Also, he said that the Middle East have started to warm to the PS4 console too. The console’s sales in the Middle East is four times bigger than any other previous console launch in that region.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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