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PS2’s Rollercoaster World Getting Follow-Up In Rollercoaster Dreams On PS4 And PSVR

by Mike Guarino


It has been a while since Rollercoaster World originally launched back on PlayStation 2, but the creators of that game will be making a new one on Sony’s latest hardware. Developer Bimboosoft has revealed that Rollercoaster Dreams is set to launch in October for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, bringing theme park management to a whole new level.

The developer notes that “playing in the amusement parks is not the only feature of the game. The main mode of the game is to manage and grow amusement parks. Show your management skill by development, advertisement, staff management, etc.” The game also utilizes the KALMOF rollercoaster editor, which allows users to make infinite patterns of rollercoasters.

While the launch of the game is set for October, there is currently a demo of the game available to download through the PlayStation Store. The game will be a digital release only, though there currently hasn’t been an announcement on how much it will cost yet.

Rollcoaster Dreams will launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on October 13th. Check out the trailer for the game below.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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