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PS4 Slim Reportedly Supports 5 GHz WiFi

by Mike Guarino


While we still have no official confirmation from Sony regarding the PS4 Slim, that hasn’t stopped reports from several sources spilling some details on Sony’s thinner console. While we’ve heard rumors regarding its size and appearance, this latest rumor has to do with its network capabilities.

Images of the PS4 Slim’s connection status page have surfaced online, and they seem to suggest that the new console will include support for stronger WiFi networks. The image that you can check out by clicking right here shows that there is a spot on the console’s connection status screen for “Wi-Fi Frequency Band,” which would suggest that there is more than one option to chose from.

Then, in another screenshot we have a look at the console’s owner’s manual, which directly shows that both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ranges are supported. This would be a big upgrade for those who aren’t able to use a wired connection, as the WiFi connection on the PS4 can be shaky depending on your setup.

We won’t have to be speculating about this console (and the more powerful Neo) much longer, as Sony is expected to reveal them during the PlayStation Meeting that will happen next week.

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