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New PSVR Model To Feature Headphones Integration, HDR Pass Through

by Jose Belmonte


Sony is preparing the launch of a new PSVR model that will feature slight changes to the current version sold in stores. The new headset will allow to integrate stereo headphones in the device, and will include a new processor unit that supports HDR pass through, allowing users to keep the processor unit between the TV and the console when they want to watch HDR content on their television. These new features don’t justify a name change, so the device will still be called simply PSVR, although Sony confirms that the new model will be identifiable through the new package and model number.

The news come as a surprise, as the company has not made a formal announcement of the new release. Instead, we have come to know about the new headset through the official FAQ of PSVR on the PlayStation Blog. The post clarifies certain aspects like the new features, how will customers differentiate between both models in the store, or the possibility of simply purchasing a new processor unit to use it with an original PSVR.

On that point, the company confirms that this will not be possible, because the cables that each PSVR model use are different. However, every PSVR game will be compatible with both devices.

Details on the launch of the updated PSVR model will be revealed at a later date, although the fact that the company has shared this information already suggests that the release will take place before the end of the year. The pricing of the new model will remain the same as the current version.



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