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PUBG Anti-Cheat Fixes Coming in Week 8 Patch

by William Schwartz


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is getting another update this week, and with it some of the issues with cheating should be fixed.  There were a few major cheats being used in the community, including one that removes foilage from the game, and players using “lag switch.”

Players could pretty easily remove the foilage frmo the enviroment by altering the game’s ini file, which will no longer be possible.  Fixing the lag switch cheating is going to be done by locking characters and not allowing them to move, rotate, or attack once their ping exceeds a pre-determined value.

The patch will also fix some performance issues related to vehicles, improving the FPS drop when driving.  Some other bugs being squashed are characters getting stuck in some different environmental objects, freezing issues, and one that pertains to the games crosshair still being visible while in no-UI mode.

Finally, the flash bang is being removed from the game due to it causing some game clients to freeze or crash.

The patch is already live on test servers for the game, but the main servers will recieve it early in the morning May 16th.  It’s expected to launch around 1am PT.

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