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PUBG New Biker and Desperado Crate Drop Rates Are Disgusting

by William Schwartz


PUBG on PC has recently received an update, and with it, the re-introduction of the controversial crate system in the game.  The inclusion of two new crates —  Desperado and Biker Crates will have items that will certainly be sought after.

The way that this system works is as follows.  Of the two new crates, one can be opened for free (The Biker Crate), and the other (The Desperado Crate) needs a purchasable key to unlock.  Both drop rate tables have been revealed by PUBG Corp, and unless you are incredibly lucky it’s going to be really hard to find the most sought after items.

PUBG is looking more and more like CS:GO

The good news about the latest update that’s been pushed to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is that the developer is being completely upfront and honest about the drop rates for their game.  The bad news is that they are disgustingly low for the most sought after items.

Desperado items like the Cloth Mask have a 0.16% chance of dropping.  While that’s greater than zero, you might as well go down to your local gas station and buy a scratch-off lottery ticket.  The most sought after items in the free crates for the Biker group are even more rare.  The sleeveless biker jackets and cloth mask have a 0.01% chance of dropping for a player.  No matter how much PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you play, it’ll be up to the RNG gods to determine whether you ever receive the items you want.

On Steam, there’s a secondary market for these highly sought after items.  Doing a quick search on the Community Market you’ll find that the highest priced item, the “PlayerUknown Set,” is listed at almost $2,000 with other items like the bandanna costing around a grand.

PUBG is clearly intent on going down this road that seems to have a similar trajectory to what we saw with CS:GO.   We already see multiple sites (here’s one for example’s sake) out there that have similar skin betting schemes that allow players to bet money under the guise of betting cosmetic items.  The problem, obviously, is that these items have a real world value attached to them.  On the bright side, you never have to open a single crate and never purchase a key and you can experience the game in full.  Hell, you might even win the lottery if you’re lucky.

You can check out the rest of the gameplay fixes and optimizations found in the latest patch for PUBG here. 

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