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Quake Champions Dev Hasn’t Decided If Game Will Be Free-To-Play Or Paid

by Mike Guarino


Id Software revealed recently that they will be bringing back the Quake series in the form of Quake Champions next year, which is being touted as a return the series’ roots. However, one thing that has not yet been decided yet is whether or not the game will be a free-to-play or paid release, as the developers are still deciding which direction they want to take it.

The studio revealed to PC Gamer that the business model for game has been a big problem, saying that they’re “trying to figure out exactly what people want more of, and how they perceive it. And I’m not even trying to be cagey! It’s not like we know and just aren’t trying to tell anybody; we don’t know and we’re still trying to figure this out.”

Despite the release of the game not slated to happen until sometime next year, gamers will be able to get a taste of the action in the form of a beta early next year. The game is currently set to be a PC exclusive at launch, though the developers have revealed that they haven’t entirely ruled out bringing the game to consoles at some point down the road.

Id Software has been keeping busy this year, as along with Quake Champions being in development they also released a new DOOM game. That game recently got a multiplayer expansion called Unto the Evil, which adds new maps and weapons among other things.

- This article was updated on:August 8th, 2016

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