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Resident Evil The Mercenaries & Revelations 3D Details From Nintendo World

by Bill Hess


Of all the great games that were shown at Nintendo World this weekend two of the resounding favorites were Resident Evil Mercenaries & Revelations.   Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.  Fans of the series aren’t going to be disappointed with many of the features that were pointed out in the presentation and gameplay videos.

Classic Resident Evil characters will return for Mercenaries, like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and more.   The Mercenaries game will include re-mastered levels from Resident Evil 4 and 5 and while it’s not a completely new experience, Mercenaries will have you racing against time to kill as many enemies as you can within a specified time limit.

The objective to score points by chaining combos and will have a more classic Resident Evil feel to the game.

Check out the video below to get a first hand account of the on-screen action for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries.

Also shown at Nintendo World was Resident Evil Revelations.  And it was thought by many to be the best looking game of the show.  Built from the ground up specifically for the Nintendo 3DS Revelations will be a whole new Resident Evil adventure.

The build shown at Nintendo World put players in the shoes of a familiar character, Jill Valentine.  Located on a ghost ship somewhere in the Mediterranean.  Resident Evil Revelations is said to be bringing the horror back to the series and many who played the demo version at the conference felt it definitely had the potential for this.

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