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Respawn’s Star Wars Game May Be Using Unreal Engine 4

by Dean James


Today may now be Cinco de Mayo, but yesterday was what many have started to call Star Wars Day and with that came much celebration for the series. The biggest surprise of the day came with the announcement of a new Star Wars game coming from Respawn Entertainment and we now have a possible indication of what game engine they may be looking to use.

Respawn Entertainment is certainly staying busy with the upcoming Titanfall 2 and now this untitled Star Wars game, with the latter apparently just getting started with the development process.

When actually going to their website and looking at the careers section, you’ll notice that the positions they are looking for Titanfall 2 or this Star Wars game. While there a number of positions for the Star Wars game, one specifically seems to reveal something very important about the game.

When looking at the Technical Artist position, one of the job responsibilities is “Work with the art team to build tools and shaders in Unreal Engine 4.” This would seem to indicate that the game itself is going to be running on Unreal Engine 4 as well, though this obviously isn’t full confirmation.

With this game being so early in the development process, it’s going to be awhile before we hear more, but little details like this really have us hyped for it regardless.

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