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RiME Developer Removes Denuvo Piracy Software

by Al McCarthy


The developers of RiME have decided to remove the Denuvo Anti-Tampering software on the PC version of the game.  The reason, it was uncovered yesterday that the anti-piracy measure had been cracked already.

The developers had made a promise to the community that if Denuvo was cracked on RiME that they would remove it from their game.  It appears that they’re making good on this promise.

“Upon receiving this news, we worked to test this and verify that it was, in fact, the case. We have now confirmed that it is. As such, we at Team Grey Box are following through on our promise from earlier this week that we will be replacing the current build of RiME with one that does not contain Denuvo,” reads a message from Grey Box.

The patch is being pushed through to Steam so PC players that did purchase the game can update it with a version that doesn’t have Denuvo.

Grey Box does say that they do have further updates in the works, and is working on fixes for other problems that are currently outstanding.

It’s unfortunate that RiME will now be able to pirated with ease.  It is a fantastic game as we describe in our review for it.

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