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Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC Sold 3 Times More Than Xbox Version In First Month

by Mike Guarino


Rise of the Tomb Raider got its timed-exclusive Xbox release in November of last year, though that timed exclusivity is no more as the game is also now available for PC. We’re now starting to get some sales numbers that compare both versions of the game, and the game definitely did better on PC than it did on Xbox One in its first month on the market.

There are a few reasons to accommodate for why this has happened, which include Rise of the Tomb Raider’s poor release date planning on Xbox One next to Fallout 4, the fact that it isn’t the platform of choice for many gamers interested in the game and that the PC version released during a far less competitive time. These numbers also only account for the digital sales of the game, as official details on physical sales have not yet been released.

Another major point that the report covers, however, is the fact that digital sales continue their ascent as the leading form of media consumption. Digital sales for both PC and console games have been risen upwards of 30% since this time last year, with an overall digital revenue increase of 8% compared to last year.

Rise of the Tomb Raider has been getting rave reviews on both Xbox and PC, but it won’t be until later this year when it finally has its release on PlayStation 4. It will be interesting to see how the sales numbers break down for that version, and whether not the fact that it will be released on that platform a year later than Xbox will hurt its sales. The sales could be helped if they release it as some form of ultimate edition that includes DLC, which has been rumored for a while now.

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