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Rocket League Quick Chat Options Expanding Next Month

by Kyle Hanson


Rocket League has quickly become a massive gaming phenomenon, with sales in the millions, and active player counts in the tens of thousands. Along with the surprise success of the game itself, was just how quickly parts of the game worked their way into gaming culture. One of these things was the Quick Chat, which offered players an easy way to say things like “Wow! Great Pass! Nice Shot! and What a Save!”. However, players couldn’t really customize these things, leaving them with just the default options, until now.

Rocket League developer Psyonix has just announced details for the upcoming June update. One of the big things that this patch will touch up are the Quick Chat options, giving players a much broader set of choices. You’ll still have the four main categories, and you won’t be able to type out your own ones and have them ready for you in-game. But there seem to be a lot more options here, such as “In position. Whew. Okay. and Great Clear!”.


Psyonix explained “starting next month, you’ll be able to head into the “Chat” menu, located in the “Options” section, where you can remap new phrases with relative ease. Pre-select your choice from a much wider range than ever before, including player favorites like, “My bad, In Position, Siiiick!,” and “Need Boost!”

There will also be a special selection of post-game chat options, allowing you to give a “GG” or ask players to join you for another game, without having to type anything yourself. You’ll find the full set of new Quick Chat options below.

New In-Game Quick Chats:All yours. Calculated. Go for it! Great Clear! Holy cow! In position. Incoming! My bad… My fault. Need Boost! Nice Block! Nice one! No Way! Okay. Oops! Savage! Siiiick! What a play! Whew.

Post-Game Quick Chats: Everybody dance! gg. Nice moves. One. More. Game. Rematch! That was fun! Well played. What a Game!

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