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Is Rockstar finally making Red Dead Redemption 2?

by William Schwartz


Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a year now, with a updated version due out shortly.  It appears that Rockstar Games is moving on to their next big thing.  That is, according to a recent job listing on Rockstar’s website that is looking to fill nearly 40 positions for an unannounced project at Rockstar San Diego.

The San Diego studio is the one responsible for 2010’s critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption.  The positions that Rockstar is looking to fill in San Diego are wide ranging, but definitely involve “large scale open worlds” in some listings.   While it’s certainly possible that Rockstar is making a new IP, evidence is starting to mount that a new Red Dead Redemption game is either in the works, or getting ready to be.

The popularity of Red Dead Redemption and the sheer sales figures of the game would make sense that Take Two is pushing for a follow-up.  In June of last year, Take Two’s CEO explained to analysts that Red Dead was a permanent franchise for the company.   Zelnick told investors that they were looking to build other franchise into permanent fixtures in the Take Two catalog.  Among those were Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, and Bioshock.

These job listings aren’t likely to spur Rockstar into announcing anything anytime soon.  We still don’t have a concrete release date for GTA V on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 as the developers have been tightly lipped about their ongoing projects in the past.

Don’t be surprised though, when Rockstar finally does announce a new Red Dead Redemption or Red Dead sequel.  Back in 2012, Rockstar told fans “We don’t always rush to make sequels but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to them eventually.”

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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